Month: February 2017

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How Learning To Love The Gym Eased My Anxiety

‘Oh god, have you been at the gym again?’ I arrive to dinner with friends carrying a tell-tale sports bag, and inwardly wince at their reactions. The joking ‘you’re obsessed’ comments, the well-meaning but misplaced concern that I’m doing too much, and even worse, the implication hanging in the air that somehow my attendance at Read More

Crustacean Compassion? Here's Why We Should Protect The Welfare Of Crabs, Lobsters, And Crayfish

As Director of Crustacean Compassion, the UK’s only animal welfare organisation dedicated to crabs, lobsters and other decapod crustaceans, I am perhaps unusually attuned to conversations about crabs. Sitting at a beachside restaurant last summer, I saw two children loitering around a lobster tank. Two glossy brown creatures were scraping listlessly at the sides with Read More

Piers Morgan Pulls Out Of Hosting 'Royal Television Society' Awards After Backlash

Piers Morgan has pulled out of hosting a television awards ceremony following a social media backlash over the “inappropriate” choice for the job. The Good Morning Britain presenter, who has drawn criticism for his support of US President Donald Trump, was lined up to host the Royal Television Society (RTS) awards, a celebration of British television. Read More

London Fashion Week 2017: Mulberry's Duvet Poncho Is What Sweet Dreams Are Made Of

Mulberry has finally put to bed the debate about whether it is acceptable to wear nightwear as daywear, by taking the pyjama trend to its only logical conclusion: the duvet poncho. The iconic British brand’s creative director Johnny Coca unveilied this revolutionary creation at his London Fashion Week show on Sunday 19 February and honestly Read More

Campaign To Dismantle Narrow Beauty Standards

It never occurred to me that I had a choice. I endured the pain of a chemical relaxer every four weeks to get my natural afro hair straightened. Mine was four weeks as against the recommended six to eight weeks because my hair wouldn’t ‘take’ to the relaxer. It didn’t matter that I had sores Read More

As An Unpaid Carer For My Disabled Husband, I Fear 'Just Managing' Is A Cliff Edge From Poverty

In a time of intensifying global uncertainty, it seems more important than ever that we are able to achieve financial security for our loved ones. And yet, this week’s Joseph Rowntree Foundation findings, highlight in no uncertain terms that more and more people in the UK are unable to earn enough to achieve a socially Read More

London Fashion Week 2017: Sheer Tops Ruled The Topshop Unique FROW

Sofia Richie and Dua Lipa proved the nearly-naked look works well when combined with a number of the trends emerging from the London Fashion Week runways. Both arrived at the Topshop Unique show on Sunday 19 February dressed in sheer blue polo necks. Richie paired hers with a delicate white balconette bra, contrasted with bold Read More

Children Of Alcoholic Parents Calling Helpline For Bedtime Stories

Thousands of children, some as young as five, are ringing a helpline to hear bedtime stories because their alcoholic parents are too intoxicated to put them to bed. Some of the minors call the counsellors at the National Association for Children of Alcoholics (Nacoa) so regularly their favourite story books are kept by the phones. Read More

In Defence Of Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott is having a rough month. It seems every other day a new story about someone attacking her surfaces. The litany of criticism reached such a fevered pitch that, earlier this week, Abbott wrote a piece for the Guardian highlighting some of the more vicious abuse she’s received. “I receive racist and sexist abuse Read More

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