Month: November 2017

Bath University's Six-Figure 'Golden Goodbye' Deal For Vice Chancellor Glynis Breakwell Sparks Huge Student Protest

Hundreds of outraged Bath University students have marched through campus to protest the six-figure “golden goodbye” handed to the UK’s highest paid vice chancellor after she agreed to stand down amid a major row over pay. Waving banners and letting off coloured flares, crowds called for Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell – whose £470,000-a-year salary and Read More

Mocked By Cameron For His Suit, Now Jeremy Corbyn's A GQ Cover Star

David Cameron once chastised him for dressing so shabbily the then Prime Minister’s mother would order him to “put on a proper suit [and] do up his tie”. But now, wearing a perfectly-fitted Marks and Spencer two-piece with a bold, brilliantly red tie, Jeremy Corbyn’s a GQ cover star. It’s a transformation befitting the tumult unleashed upon Read More

Donald Trump's Toxic Tweets Won't Ruin Britain And America's 'Special Relationship'

Britain’s “Special Relationship” with America looks like it’s in trouble and looks is the operative word. America and Britain have had close operational ties on defence, security and intelligence in the decades since Winston Churchill coined the phrase in 1946, just after a devasting world war left Britain weaker and America emboldened. The US is Read More

Uber Faces More Awkward Questions Over Safety Of Drivers And Passengers

Uber faces questions over protection offered to drivers who work more than 60 hours a week amid fears passenger safety is being put at risk. Rachel Reeves, chair of the Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy committee, has written to the taxi tech firm to clarify its policies for those who work much longer than Read More

Apple (RED) Raised The Equivalent Of 144 Million Days Of Lifesaving AIDS Medication In 2017

In 2017 Apple’s Product (RED) partnership has raised the equivalent of 144 million days of lifesaving AIDS medication. That marks a new record for the company’s decade-long partnership with the AIDS charity and brings the grand total raised by the silicon valley giant to $160 million over the past 11 years. Apple donates money to Read More

9 (Other) Times Donald Trump Insulted The UK

The President of the United States managed to surprise everyone once again this week, by publicly rebuking Theresa May. The PM criticised Trump for retweeting three propaganda videos from far-right group Britain First, prompting another online outburst in which he essentially told her to mind her own business. .@Theresa_May, don’t focus on me, focus on Read More

The Cost Of Loss

I’ve just done my tax return. You wouldn’t expect a tax return to be a trigger for grief but it was. Being a hapless artist, I’m not finely attuned to financial cycles but I realised today that I lost my boyfriend right at the end of the last tax year. So as I trawled through Read More

An Open Letter To The Girl Who Just Attempted Suicide

Trigger warning: If you have personal experience of suicide or suicidal depression then you may find this post upsetting. If you’re currently struggling with suicidal thoughts and you’re in danger then please call 999 and request an ambulance immediately.  My dear girl As I write this letter to you, I have tears pricking the back Read More

The Slave Auctions In Libya Are Proof Of The Development Crisis In Africa

Migration is an issue that has forever been so close to my heart, and hearing of the atrocities going on in Libya made me feel so heavy and disgusted. But what a lot of people don’t realise is that the horrific issue of slave auctions in Libya is part of the ongoing development crisis in Read More

Remembering A Loss On World AIDS Day

It’s taken 12 years to write this. Every time World AIDS Day looms I think about it. I think about it the rest of the time, too. 2005 unleashed the most calamitous experience of my life (and that’s comparing it to falling 40 feet and breaking my back in 2012). I’d never seen a lifeless Read More

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