Month: October 2018

Make No Mistake: The British Empire Is Not Dead – It Lives On In Colonial-Era Legislation

The British Empire started to fall apart after the Second World War. Over the new few years, at the culmination of long, hard-fought independence struggles, countries all over the world gained independence and were free, more or less,  to pursue their own goals and self-rule. However, an unhelpful inheritance of colonial legislation designed to repress, Read More

Schools And Pupils Deserve Better Than The Budget's Pitiful, Patronising Offer

School should be a place where young people are given the experiences and tools to get on in life. That’s what parents expect. That’s what teachers want to deliver. That’s what the Budget failed to deliver. As a former teacher myself, I know the reality is all too different. The mental health of hard-working teachers Read More

Boris Johnson Bonfire Effigy To Be Burned

Source: New feedBoris Johnson Bonfire Effigy To Be Burned Read More

Parents And Teachers Must Be Supported To Do More For Children's Mental Health

There is no doubt that our children and young people are facing serious and possibly increasing challenges to their mental health. There has, belatedly, been increased attention paid to the wellbeing of infants, children and adolescents in recent months, along with concern about the availability of services to support those who require additional treatment and Read More

Jeremy Corbyn Promises To End Tory Benefits Freeze And Give Claimants Rises In Line With Inflation

Jeremy Corbyn has toughened Labour’s opposition to Tory welfare cuts with a new pledge to end the benefits freeze and give claimants inflation-proof rises. After a flurry of confusion over its precise stance, the party revealed that a Corbyn government would take bolder action in reversing the four-year squeeze imposed by former Chancellor George Osborne. Read More

The Way Bisexual People Are Portrayed, Why Would We Come Out?

One night last year I decided to come out to my university friends as bisexual. There is not one way to do this, and for me it is often spur of the moment. My chosen method was via the group chat, simply messaging: “Bi the way, I’m bi”. It was short, effective, and I hoped Read More

Ferry Collides With Crane At Barcelona Port

Source: New feedFerry Collides With Crane At Barcelona Port Read More

Our Recycling Industry Has Become A Dirty Trade

From reducing the consumption of meat to Michael Gove’s plan to ban plastic straws within a year, the UK and other countries across the globe have been continuously warned about the ever-growing threat of climate change and pollution. In this stirring effort to educate, encourage and mobilise more effective planning and action for the safeguarding Read More

Children ‘Think They Won’t Get Mental Health Help Unless They Attempt Suicide’

Suicidal children believe they will not be able to get mental health support unless they have made an attempt on their life, the Children’s Commissioner for England has said.  Speaking about the gaps in mental health support for young people, Anne Longfield said children are “very aware” about how hard it can be to access Read More

Russell Bishop Trial: Hospital Porter Tells Jury Of Moment He Found Bodies Of Murdered Schoolgirls

A hospital porter has described the moment he found the bodies of two murdered schoolgirls in a woodland den 32 years ago. Kevin Rowland was just 18 when he joined the search for missing Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway. He told jurors his first words on making the grim discovery were: “Shit, I think we’ve Read More

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